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Approach to Medical Writing Projects

To have a successful writing project is not equivalent to simply producing the requested document. A successful project is one that (1) is of high quality, (2) conforms to regulatory requirements, (3) is produced on time and within budget, and (4) meets the client’s expectations.

Consequently, Sebastian prefers to discuss what his client’s expectations are before he begins writing. Details to be clarified include the kind(s) of document(s) needed; timeline; status of related documents (e.g., availability of preliminary drafts, templates, and supporting information); role of the medical writer; and information about the project team and scheduled team meetings. This discussion enables him to identify missing information, clarify the client’s priorities, and prepare to begin work promptly.

Sebastian always recommends clear and frequent communication with members of the project team before and during work on a medical writing project. It is this excellence in communication that gives the medical writing project the best chance of success.